All my life I have worked as a professional violinist, but always with a passion for art. In later years I realized that this passion had to be developed and given a chance to flourish so I took a degree in Fine Art, graduating with a First Class Honours from de Montford University.

As well as exhibiting locally and nationally I have been able to combine my music and art in community projects, which are very important to me.

I take my inspiration often from music and from poetry, and also from my long held pacifist beliefs. There are recurring themes – war and peace, fragility, memory, the importance of recognizing the gift of humanity and of our planet. I find that many of the concerns in making visual art are similar to those of playing music, namely, rhythm, texture, colour and form.

Collaboration is an important aspect of my practice and I am lucky to have worked with a number of artists who have been a source of nourishment and stimulation:

Tony Lloyd, printmaker and sculptor: www.anthonylloyd.co.uk
Claire Christie Sadler, artist: www.clairecsadler.co.uk
Wren Hughes, sculptor: www.wrenhughes.co.uk
Pat Winslow, poet: www.patwinslow.com
Judie Waldmann, photographic artist: www.judiewaldmann.co.uk
John Hounam, artist: www.johnhounam.com
Emma Maiden, sculptor: www.emmamaiden.com
Arne Richards, composer: www.oxfordconcertparty.org

Price List

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Many of the works that you will see are for sale.

Most of the installations can be re-erected. Please contact me.