Artist Books

I began making books while studying for an art foundation course. I love the sculptural aspect of books and find it a satisfying way of using printmaking to convey ideas.

Homage to Bach

The Bach series of screenprints and books all take their inspiration from the 48 Preludes and Fugues. The colours were determined by my own synaesthetic response to the individual notes of the scale. Each print denotes the colour of the main note of the scale together with the fourth and fifth notes, thus creating a colour ‘chord’.

Image 1 of Homage to Bach 1 book
Image 2 of Homage to Bach 1 book

'Homage to Bach 1'
12 screenprints in a clamshell box
16 x 18.5 x 2.5

'Homage to Bach 2'
12 screenprints uniquely bound in a portfolio cover
24 x 18.5 x 1.5

The Wisdom of Trees

15 pages that open out to reveal quotations and proverbs about trees.
Ink and linocut on Zerkall paper and board
16 x 7.5 cm

Dramatis Personae

An ABC of emotions as personified by Shakespeare’s characters. Each page is overlaid by the particular letter taken from the original portfolio, and each emotion and the speech from which it is derived is detailed at the end of the book.


A flag book of Seamus Heaney’s poem ‘Scaffolding’.

Image 1 of Scaffolding book
Image 2 of Scafolding book

Drypoint and digital print on Medieval Laid paper
and mountboard
7.5 x 15


This book is based on Gregory Warren Wilson’s poem ‘Inference’ which explores the notion that walls or barriers, although physical in their manifestation, are actually created in the mind and can thus be easily dismantled.

Warren Wilson’s poem refers to the wall in Jerusalem that separates the Palestinians from the Jews, but the meaning behind the poem is universal.

12 digitally, embossed and screen printed pages 53 x 38, in a hand made clamshell box 57 x 42

The Happy Prince

'The Happy Prince'
Inspired by Oscar Wilde's story. Collograph, paper, mountboard, thread.
13 x 21 x 40 open

Swallow Book

Image 1 of Swallow book
Image 2 of Swallow book

'Swallow Book'
Ink on mountboard with linocut, thread.
13 x 9 x 33 open

The Windmills of your Mind

'The Windmills of your Mind'
Paper and card
12 x 5 x 26 (extended)
Inspired by Michel Legrand

Tree Book 1

'Tree Book 1'
Ink and linocut on mountboard
21 x 12 x 25 (extended)

Tree Book 2

'Tree Book 2'
Ink and linocut on mountboard
21 x 12 x 25 (extended)

Lemon Book

This book has David Malouf’s poem ‘Wild Lemons’ on one side and Ottolenghi’s recipe for Preserved Lemon Couscous on the other.

Image 1 of Lemon book
Image 2 of Lemon book

'Lemon Book'
Accordion fold book
8.5 x 13.5