Image 1 of Grinke sculpture
Image 2 of Grinke sculpture

Stainless steel
2 x 1m

This piece is situated in the grounds of Kirtlington Manor. 1/7
If you would like to see it please contact me

Image 1 of Memory in a Chair sculpure
Image 2 Memory in a Chair sculpure

'Memory in a Chair'
Wood and paper

A tribute to my father and to WB Yeats. My father was a man of letters and held the Chair of English at Magee University. He was also an expert in Yeats. The suspended letters are cut out from board covered in texts from Yeats’s poems and plays.

Image 1 of Silent sculpure
Image 2 Silent sculpure

Suspended beads within a wooden frame
118 x 78 x 7

Inspired by Orlando Gibbons.

Photo of Chagall's Goat scuplture

'Chagall’s Goat'
Papier Mache
18 x 10 x 8

Photo of Chagall's Cellist sculpture

'Chagall’s Cellist'
Papier Mache
51 x 22 x 11

Image of Chagall's Cow sculpture

'Chagall’s Cow'
Papier Mache
27 x 17 x 11

Image 1 of Hand sculpure
Image 2 Hand sculpure

19 x 8 x 7

Image 1 of Listen sculpture
Image 2 of Listen sculpture
Image 3 of Listen sculpture

38 x 26 x 17

Image 1 of Mother and Child scuplture
Image 2 of Mother and Child scuplture

'Mother and Child'
Caen Stone
55 x 24 x 15

Image 1 of The Embrace scuplture
Image 2 of The Embrace scuplture

'The Embrace'
Portland Stone
50 x 20 x 20

Image 1 of Yehudi sculpture
Image 2 of Yehudi sculpture
Image 3 of Yehudi sculpture

Bath Stone
40 x 25 x 15

Image 1 of Transformation sculpture
Image 2 of Transformation sculpture
Image 3 of Transformation sculpture

Suspended acrylic sheets etched with drypoint in Arabic and Hebrew script.
The words read Power, Territory, Conflict, Dialogue, Trust, Peace.
55 x 54 x 21
Photos by Judie Waldmann